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About RID 3141

We are a unit of around 8000-strong individuals, a tightly-knit community of like-minded youngsters, working towards changing and shaping the society. We as a district, aim to reach 10000 members across the Mumbai region, by the end of RI year 2020-2021.

About Us

Rotaract Club of Bombay Northwest Malad  of the Mumbai region, is a youth wing of the Rotary Club of Bombay Northwest Malad and focuses on projects and initiatives under avenues like community service, professional development, international service, entrepreneurship development and sports.

We were chartered on 06th May 2013 and revived in 2018

Our League of Presidents include -

2018-2019 - Rtr. Somya Gosalia.
2019- 2020 - Rtr. Shrey Vyas.
2020- 2021 - Rtr. Kedar Gambhire.
2021- 2022- Rtr. Saloni Shah.
2022-23 - Rtr. Preshita Parab.

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