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CORE 22-23



Rtr. Preshita Parab

Believing in Karma and self-esteem 
Harmony and make this year as a bench mark for everyone to see and conquer the world with her courage.

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IPP and Chairwoman Finance_.jpg

IPP & Chairwoman Finance

Rtr. Saloni Shah

After a successful year under her leadership learning from her experience we carry on the legacy of our Club with her support in one of the most prestigious departments of the club. This year she is ready to make sure that the financial sheet of the club is maintained properly...

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Rtr. Suhani Khanter

Bubbly and smart at her own work. The youngest core member which strives all of us to pursed something unmatched

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Vice President (Main Avenue).jpg

Vice President (Main Avenues)

Rtr. Vansh Damania

The most sweetest and humblest person you can ever come across, he is always a great person to be around and has always been a great support to the club.

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VICE PRESIDENT (Supporting Avenue).jpg

Vice President (Supporting Avenues)

Rtr. Navika Sharma

She is the one you can rely on and is there with a big smile every time you ask for help .Calmness and sane is the best which could describe her the best .

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Rtr. Palak Shah

Hamre club k kaanun k hath palak pe hai... Yeh sambhalegi hamri law and order ki kitabh.

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Chairman HRD

Rtr. Shubham Gawade

A perfectionist, A dedicated , A communicator, A multi-talented and the best person to train our club members. He carries a bunch of experience in Rotaract and holds our club proud at the district.
This year he is ready to train you so that you create wonders in Rotaract.

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Joint Secretary

Rtr. Preet Jain

Organised and multitasker, he will be responsible for conducting our fun-filled meetings and maintaining a proper record of all our data.

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Community Service 

Rtr. Prathamesh Thakur

Excellent in leadership and teamwork, filled with positivity he will make sure that our community is taken care of and we as a team are doing the best possible to make their lives tad bit easier.

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Joint Community Service 

Rtr. Rahul Gada

A dedicated and committed person, here to ensure that we are able to live to our core value and serve the community in the best way possible.

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Club Service

Rtr. Vidhi Gandhi

Always bubbly and fun to be around, will ensure you have a big wide smile on your face with the events that she will organise for the team to bond throughout the year.

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International Service

Rtr. Minakshi Rajput

A mischievous and happy-go-lucky personality, and definitely the best to maintain amazing relations and network with our fellow Rotaract Clubs.

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Professional & Entrepreneurship Development

Rtr. Dharmil Hindocha

Diligent and enthusiastic, he will help us curate the best policies and events for our team to ensure along with serving the community, we all grow as professionals too. Not only this, he will also ensure a sense of Entrepreneurship is instilled in all of us, a perfect combo for the corporate world.

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Rtr. Dilip Kumawat

A fitness-freak and kind at heart, here to ensure we are all in the pink of our health by conducting various sports event which will highlight teamwork and ignite a sense of motivation.

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Rtr. Atul Nirmal

Composed and assertive, he will ensure he manages great relations with Rotary and our Stakeholders on the team’s behalf and have maximum collaboration for benefit of all. 

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Social Media Operations

Rtr. Abhinay Dandotiya

Compassionate, outgoing and amiable. He is a master when it comes to photography and cinematography. Here to handle all of our media channels with amazing aesthetics.

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Digital Communications

Rtr. Drashti Shah

A girl with experience under her sleeve who would make sure all our events reach a wider audience and we are able to promote more and more events by using today’s world’s most powerful tool which is Media Communication.

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Public relations & Marketing

Rtr. Yash Panchal

A learner and go-getter, our youngest Director is here to ensure our club is known and appreciated by all because as they our culture is our brand and we need to make certain we can unlock new heights.

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